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Autumn Waltz
by Kate Sweeney

In the sequel to Lilac Time, Autumn Waltz finds Jessica and Cliff adjusting to their new life of being in love and sharing a family. Between Ben sending letters to colleges and Mattie preparing for her stage debut in the school play, the newly in love couple have no alone time—quality or otherwise.

Things seems to settle, but not for long. Jessica is informed that the house she’s renting is being sold, and she has one month to move. This has the madcap redhead, aka Mattie, petrified that their belongings will be thrown out in the street. Mattie must come up with a plan.

And to throw a monkey wrench in for good measure, a woman from Cliff’s past enters, causing more chaos. Of course, Mattie once again must come up with a plan to save the day.

What could possibly go wrong?

Romance, January 2018

by Robin Alexander

Falon Whyte books a cruise for her girlfriend of two years. What she hopes will be a fun vacation quickly turns out to be a nightmare. Falon is normally a woman who can roll with the punches, but life delivers a series of blows that knock her on her butt and leave her stranded in Honduras with the company of an uptight woman she doesn’t like.

Haley Hollis isn’t having a good time, either. She spends two nights on the top deck of the ship after being locked out by her sexually adventurous cabin mate. Desperate to do something fun, she accepts an invitation from a new friend to join him on a zip line excursion. She only thinks the trip down the side of a mountain on a wire is the most terrifying thing she’ll ever experience.

What Falon and Haley think is a disaster turns into a magical adventure in Robin Alexander’s latest romantic comedy, Fearless.

Romance, August 2017

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