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A Southern California native, Katie grew up at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, and began writing so that she could be transported to intriguing places and meet interesting people created and fostered by her own crude fantasies.

In her mid-twenties she picked up her first lesbian romance Curious Wine by Katherine V. Forrest and instantly realized her passion for the genre.

In 1993, she started her first attempt as a novelist with a completed, yet still unpublished manuscript An Unexpected Turn, and even though this novel may never see publication, she credit the process of writing it and the experience itself for inspiring her to begin formulating Southern Heart.

In December 2003, she received the Editor's Choice Award for her poem My Path and in February 2005, she won the same award for another poem Over My Shoulder.

Currently, she lives in Washington State with partner Sara

Website: www.katiepmoore.com


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Halls of Temptation
by Katie P. Moore

Halls of Temptation is a heartfelt romance that traces the lives of two young women from their teenage years into adulthood, through the struggles of maturity, conflict and love.

In the fall of 1992, amid the picturesque New Hampshire countryside, seventeen year old Lacey Dorshire begins her first and final year at The Knolls boarding school.

As school begins, Lacey struggles to fit in and as the months progress those struggles become increasingly difficult, until a jog along the shore of Lake Massabesic, on a cold November morning brings a handsomely athletic rower named Shepard into her life and things change. Even though they’re from drastically different backgrounds, the two become immediate friends, quickly discovering they have more in common than either of them is prepared for.

ISBN: 9781933113425, ​ Romance, November 2005


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Southern Heart
by Katie P. Moore

For the first time since her father’s passing three years prior, Kari Bossier returns to the south, to her family’s stately home on the emerald banks of the bayou Teche, and to a mother she yearns to understand.

As solstice dawns, and the advancing scorch of summer approaches, so does the gardener’s daughter, Regency. A tall imposing woman, Regency leaves Kari grappling for breath.

At her mother’s urging, Kari is begrudgingly forced to entertain Lani Trusdor. As the awkward paring evolves, a friendship evolves and Kari begins discover herself and her family’s secrets.

As summer draws to an end, Kari learns a devastating secret and realizes her feelings for Lani are more than just friendship. Will she give into her passion for Lani or will her seething lust toward Regency take hold and conquer?

ISBN: 9781933113286, ​ Romance, February 2005