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Originally from Chicago where she was a member of SoPo Writers and was publisher of the Queer Planet Review, Allison Nichol has been widely published in such journals as The Pegasus Review, The Rockford Review, Common Lives/Lesbian Lives, The Evergreen Chronicles, and Folio and the anthologies Dykes With Baggage: A Lighter Look at Lesbians and Therapy (Alyson Publications 2000), Family Celebrations (Andrews McMeel, 1999), Reclaiming the Heartland, Gay and Lesbian Voices from the Midwest (University of Minnesota Press, 1996), and A loving Testimony: Remembering Loved Ones Lost to AIDS, (Crossing Press, 1995). Her poetry has been adopted for the stage and featured on Chicago’s Dial- A- Poem.

She is a long-time civil rights lawyer now working in Washington, D.C. where she lives with her partner of seventeen years. This is her first novel.


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Contents Under Pressure
by Allison Nichol

Contents Under Pressure takes the reader on a fast, funny, and edgy ride through the gayest small town in America. Two gay lawyers and best friends from Washington, D.C., Drew Morgan and Stephen Shaunessey, are called to the scene of a bank robbery in a small town at the tip of Cape Cod.

When they arrive, they find a dead suspect covered by the body of a German shepherd, and they are faced with an array of witnesses from a Cuban-Japanese drag performer named Mango to a middle-aged couple of whom one makes ice cream cones for a living and the other cleans Elvis’s house. As this primary mystery twists and turns, Drew Morgan tries to unravel a personal mystery of her own. Her photographer lover of ten years, Maggie, left her six months before without a word. When Drew meets Dr. J.J. Austin, who serves as the town’s makeshift coroner, little does she know that the doctor holds the key to Maggie’s whereabouts.

Just as the murder appears to be solved, the primary suspect turns up dead. Drew and Stephen find themselves winding their way through a new set of clues and witnesses, including Iatta Cupcake, a dancing dessert table, the Alpha Bettes, an all girl band, and Lois Carmen Denominator, the star of a human bingo game. Contents Under Pressure examines the themes of love, abandonment, betrayal, redemption, and the complex architecture of the friendship between gay women and men, all while taking the reader on a fast ride through a riveting and complex mystery.

ISBN: 9781933113777, ​ Mystery, September 2008