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The Last of the Loudens
by Robin Alexander

Taryn Louden has inherited her father’s family home and more money than she ever thought she’d see in a lifetime. There are just a few problems with it all. The house is expensive to maintain, local kids entertain themselves by pulling pranks on her, and there might be a few departed Loudens still hanging around. The only real bonus is the sexy contractor Taryn’s aunt hired to restore the Louden family home back to its former glory.

According to her father, Vicky Andre goes through women like disposable razors. At thirty-seven, she’s only had one serious relationship, but even then, she’d never truly given her heart. She’s never known what it’s like to be swept off her feet, but when she meets Taryn, Vicky realizes her work boots are no longer firmly planted on the ground.

Join Taryn and Vicky on their twisted path to happily ever after in Robin Alexander’s latest romantic comedy, The Last of the Loudens.

Romance, December 2016

Evelyn's Whimsy
by Kate Sweeney

Enter psychotherapist Lily Conover. She’s ready for an early retirement from her practice before it drives her, well, like her patients. But at the behest of an old friend and mentor, she decides to take on one last case. Oh, how she wished she’d gone fishing in the warm, secluded Florida Keys as originally planned. To have a nice cold margarita in one hand and her fishing pole in the other. Instead, she might be spending the spring in merry ole England with a mixed bag of Devonshire nuts.

Dr. Conover finds herself sucked into the madcap tangled web of this troubled but lovable woman. And now she’s determined to unravel Evelyn’s past and equally determined not to fall in love with Evelyn’s whimsy.

Romance, Septemer 2016 

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